Automation of WWTP upgrades and refurbishments

Automation and Electrical Systems

Project consisting of the extension and reform of the WWTP. In the pre-treatment area a chamber with an agitator is controlled, and at the waste inlet there is a sieve with a screw conveyor. Two pumps are controlled from this chamber, which pump the waste to a float. This float in turn mixes in a chamber from which the waste is pumped through 3 pumps to any of the two digesters of the installation. In this chamber and for the float to work, there are two pumps (one always works and the other as a backup) which inject compressed air into the float and at the same time recirculate the fluids. In the digestion zone, the temperature of the digester is controlled by exchangers controlled by two 3-way valves and maintaining a set temperature through 2 PIDs (one per valve). The gases generated in the digester are used to feed the boiler. This compressor runs continuously, so it stops in the event of an alarm due to gas leakage or lack of gas, at which point the boiler switches to oil-fired operation. In this way the waste is consumed without impacting the environment. Carried out with Schneider and Wonderware inTouch.

Duration: 65 days

Location: Motril, Granada, Spain



Maintenance of facility control system

Project consisting of the preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the systems responsible for the control of the air conditioning, electromechanical, water pumping, status and alarm warnings of the terminal building elements, supervision of the status of fire protection and WONDERWARE SCADA supervision system.

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