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Environmental promise

Our commitment towards the environment means that Eigra Group strives through a protocol of continuous improvement, adapting both personal and material resources to the needs of any type of project or a client. These include the evaluation of the costs of production and implementation of a defined and supported social and environmental engineering, defined and supported by an experienced technical and quality department, in order to achieve the lowest socio-environmental impact.

Improvement of Living Standards

The production within the industry, directly connected to people’s lifestyles, continually challenges the group to maintain a level of knowledge and management, focused on improving the living standards, on a personal and a professional level. This is achieved by applying innovation protocols, based on resource and engineering data analysis. This internal management protocol gives an extra value to the market, when offering a professional service, with a previous study of resources, with the aim of finding the appropriate socio-economic symbiosis with the client, in the execution of any innovative project.

Responsibility as Supplier

As part of our commitment to the customer and our responsibility as a supplier, the data generated during the production and after the commissioning, is forwarded for the maintenance and evolution of the finished installations, giving the client the possibility to make the best use of its resources while lowering costs. This is possible thanks to the constant investment in innovation and new technologies, which can be decisive during the most challenging situations, such as the demand for essential products.

As proof of our responsibility as supplier, Eigra Group has a quality department that studies and analyses the measures and requirements in order to offer our services in the pharma and agri-food sectors, with continuous reviews.To meet these measures, the group’s production process currently works under the regulations ISO-9001, ISO-14401, ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001.


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